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This is an independently maintained website dedicated to hosting information about the unpublished fanfiction story, Naruto: The Unsung Story, a reimagination of the original Naruto story with an emphasis on the paths of original characters.

Here you will find character profiles, clan backgrounds, unique and original jutsu, and more.

Thanks for stopping by and have fun perusing!

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Site Launch

10.08.2023 — 11:44 AM EST

Hello, World! This wiki is officially live, but pages are still being built, so please bear with me. If you're wondering where to find and read the fanfic this wiki is for...it doesn't exist. Yet. This project has been ongoing for several years just building the characters and plot and lore; it's not even close to the first draft phase, let alone ready to publish. I hope those who are interested will follow along as the story comes together on this wiki, though!

Please note that currently this site is not quite mobile-friendly yet. I do intend to address this in the future, but first I'm prioritizing building the pages.

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